End-of-Life (EoL)

Phishing Classifier Demo

Use the phishing classifier demo to see how a classifier works for ml.
Cortex XSOAR comes out of the box with a pre-trained phishing classifier. The phishing classifier uses the
automation, which enables you to get a prediction for a phishing incident using Cortex XSOAR’s pre-trained model. After running the feature, you can see how it works in practice and then create your own machine learning models.
The main purpose is to demonstrate how the phishing classifier feature works, so that you learn how to train a classifier using your own data. We do not recommend using it for production.
To run the phishing classifier, in the War Room, type
, and add the relevant parameters.
The output parameters are the same as the output of
. The
automation allows you to get a prediction for a phishing incident, using a model trained using your own classifier. For more information, see Machine Learning Models Overview.
For practical examples, see DbotPredictOutOfTheBox Examples.

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