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Install a Content Pack Offline

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Generally, you need an Internet connection when using the
to download and subscribe to content packs, as all of these services are in the Cloud.
However, if you do not have an Internet connection, you can upload content packs offline. The Administrator downloads the content pack to install, which are in zip format.
In zip format, you can upload the following:
  • Each content pack separately.
  • A number of content packs together.
  • An
    all packs
    zip, which installs all content packs in one go. All dependencies are included.
Before you begin, it is recommended that you Configure the Marketplace for Offline Installation for better performance.
  1. Download the content that you want to install.
    You can install the latest content pack from the Content Release Notes section, under
    , which is updated bi-weekly. For example, see Content Release Notes v20.8.2.
  2. Go to
    , click and then select
    Upload Content
  3. Select the content in zip format and click
    A confirmation message appears and the content pack appears in the Marketplace.

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