End-of-Life (EoL)

Create Section Headers

Section headers tasks are used to manage the flow of your playbook and help you organize your tasks efficiently. You create a Section Header task to group a number of related tasks under the Section Header, as you would items in a warehouse or topics in a book.
Section headers can also be used for time tracking between phases in a playbook. When you start time tracking, you should apply the Start action for the section header. Since you are using this to time track a particular phase of an investigation, you should add a stop timer section header when the phase completes. The time tracking data can be used to display in dashboards and report time trends.
  1. Click
    + Create Task
  2. Select the
    Section Header
  3. Enter a meaningful name for the section header.
  4. For a time tracking header:
    1. Click the
    2. Select the action to take when the timer is triggered. (Start, Stop, or Pause).
    3. Select the field on which the timer is applied.
  5. Click

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