End-of-Life (EoL)

Create Okta Groups for Cortex XSOAR Users

Follow these steps to create Okta groups in the Okta application.
To authenticate Cortex XSOAR users with Okta, you need to have at least one Okta group that defines Cortex XSOAR users, which eventually is mapped to Okta roles. There are two common methods for grouping and mapping users:
  • Create a single Okta group for all users. For example, Cortex All Users.
  • Create an Okta group for each business unit. For example, Cortex XSOAR IT, Cortex XSOAR Analysts, Cortex XSOAR Admins.
  1. Log in to Okta and click
  2. Select
  3. Click
    Add Group
  4. Type a name and description for the group.
    The name and description should enable you to easily identify the users of that group.
  5. To add users to the group, select the group name you created in step 4.
  6. Click
    Manage People
    and add the users as required.
  7. Click

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