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Create a Custom Widget Using an Automation Script

reports dashboard Follow these instructions to create a custom script based widget using an Automation Script.
You can use custom script based widgets with an automation script to create dynamic widgets for more complex calculations. For examples of creating widgets using scripts, see Script Based Widgets Using Automation Scripts Examples.
Cortex XSOAR supports JavaScript, Python and PowerShell.
If you create or upload the script to the
page, you can use the script in any widget (rather than uploading the script each time), use the script with a JSON file, and you can also add it to an Incident and an Indicator page.
  1. Create a new script by uploading or creating a new script in the
    You can also upload the script in the
    Widgets Library
    . If creating a JSON file, the script is the widget query and the script should return a value in the format of the widget type you want to use. For example, number, or text.
  2. For dashboards and reports, after creating the script, you need to create a widget in the
    Widgets Library
    , as described in Create a Widget in the Widgets Library.
  3. Select the
    Script based
    data type and then add the script.
    You can also create a JSON file and upload the JSON file directly to the
    Widgets Library
    . For information about JSON file parameters, see JSON File Widget Parameters.
  4. Add the script based widget to one of the following:

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