Create a Widget from an Indicator

indicators Create a widget from an indicator and then add it a dashboard or report.
Widgets are the visual components that populate dashboards and reports with specific data. Although there are various out-of-the-box system widgets available, you can create custom widgets from indicators and then add them to a dashboard or report. You can also Create a Widget in the Widgets Library.
To create a widget from an indicator, you need to run a query from the Indicators page, and then save the visual results as a widget.
  1. In the
    page, from the drop down list select the date range.
  2. In the query field, type the query criteria as required and run the query.
  3. Click
    Create a Widget
  4. Click
    The widget is added to the
    Widgets Library
    By default, the widget inherits the date range that you specify when creating the widget, but you can modify the date range when you create the dashboard or report. If the date range for the report or dashboard does not include the widget date range, the data is blank. To override the dashboard or report’s date range, click
    Use Widget’s date range

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