Add a Custom Widget to the Indicator Page

indicatortypes Follow these instructions to add a custom widget when viewing an indicator.
You can add a custom widget to the
tab when you view a detailed indicator. Every time you open the detailed incident or indicator type you can see the widget.
Before you start, you need to create a custom widget, as described in Create a Custom Widget Using an Automation Script.
In the
page, when adding or editing the script you want to use, ensure that you add the
  1. Go to
  2. To add a widget to an indicator, click the
    Indicator types
  3. Select the indicator type you want the widget to appear and click
    Edit layout
  4. From the
    Layout Builder
    window, in the
    section, drag the
    General Purpose Dynamic Section
    into the layout area you want it to appear.
  5. In the
    General Purpose Dynamic Section
    , click the edit button.
  6. Type a name and description for the widget.
  7. In the
    Automation script
    field, from the drop down list select the automation script you want to add.
    If the automation script does not appear, you need to add the
    label to the script in the
  8. Click
    For an example of adding a widget to a incident (which follows the same procedure), see Add a Custom Widget to the Incident page.

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