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Create a Widget in the Widgets Library

reports dashboard Follow these instructions to create a widget in the Widgets Library and then add them to a dashboard or report.
Widgets are visual components that populate dashboards and reports with specific data. Although there are various out-of-the-box system widgets available, you can create custom widgets in the Widgets Library. You can also create them from an incident or an indicator.
  1. Create or edit a report or dashboard.
  2. (
    ) If editing an existing report or dashboard, click
    Add Widget
  3. In the
    Widgets Library
    click the
  4. From the drop down list, select one of the following data types:
    • Incidents Data
    • Indicators Data
    • Script based
      Relevant if you have created a script in the
    • Upload
      You can upload either a JSON file or a script file.
    You can change the data type when you edit the widget.
  5. In the
    Quick chart definitions
    window, select the Widget Parameters.
  6. Click
    The widget is added to the widgets library.
  7. Add the widget to the dashboard or report.

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