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Saved By Dbot (ROI) Widget

reports dashboard
In the Dashboard,
tab, Cortex XSOAR comes with a number of pre-installed widgets, such as
Saved by DBot
Saved by Dbot
widget calculates the amount saved in Dollars according to actions carried out by all users in Cortex XSOAR across all incidents.
Although the widget comes out of the box with Cortex XSOAR, you can add the
Return on Investment (ROI)
widget in the
Widgets Library
, which is identical to the
Saved by Dbot
The following parameters are used to calculate the amount saved by Dbot (ROI):
Man Hour
The amount in Dollars of each hour for an analyst.
The time it takes in minutes to run an integration task with any of the integrated products. This can be a command within a script or inside the War Room.
The times it takes to write an incident report.
The time it takes to undertake an action that a script would do.
The ROI is calculated as follows:
(# of times roundtrip completed * time taken to do roundtrip) + (# of times report generated * time taken to generate report) + (# of times automation run * time taken to run automation)] * cost of 1 Man hour in dollars.
'Number of times' is how many times an automated procedure has run since Cortex XSOAR was installed. If you reset the Saved by dBOT widget to 0 via the API after installation, 'number of times' is how many times an automated procedure has run since the last reset. The Saved by dBOT widget is based on absolute time and does not support date ranges.
You can change the way ROI is calculated based on your own statistics of time taken to perform the tasks for the actions when done manually. To change the statistics, select
Add Server Configuration
and add the following keys and values:
Amount in Dollars. Default: 60
Amount in minutes (whole number). Default: 5
Amount in minutes (whole number). Default: 5
Amount in minutes (whole number). Default: 5
You can also change the currency symbol from Dollars to a currency of your choice.

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