End-of-Life (EoL)

Create an SLA Field

SLA fields, Timer fields
By default, the system comes with several SLA and Timer fields.
The SLA fields count down the time remaining, while as a timer field it serves as a counter, counting the time that has elapsed since started. In the event that no SLA is defined, the SLA fields serve as a counter.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click
    +New Field
  3. Under
    Field Type
    field, select
  4. Enter a name and optional tooltip for the field.
  5. Define a duration for the SLA of this field. If no value is entered, the field serves as a counter.
  6. Determine the risk threshold for this timer. When the timer falls below this threshold, it is considered at risk. By default, the threshold is 3 days, which is defined in the global system parameter.
  7. Under
    Run on SLA Breach
    , select the script to run when the SLA time has passed. For example, email the supervisor or change the assignee.
    Only scripts to which you have added the SLA tag will appear in list of scripts that you can select.
  8. Click

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