Share a Dashboard

Share or stop sharing a Cortex XSOAR dashboard with other users by role. Set permissions for shared dashboards.
Dashboards can be shared for all users or for users in specific roles. While system dashboards can not be shared, you can duplicate a system dashboard and share the copy.
To share a dashboard, select the specific roles and decide whether the dashboard has the following permissions:
  • Read & Edit
    : Edit, copy, share, export import, and remove the dashboard. For example, analysts may want to enable and encourage team-based dashboards, so that dashboards can be edited and maintained by more than a single user.
    Only dashboard owners can delete their dashboards.
  • Read only
    : Copy, export, import and remove the dashboard (cannot share or edit). For example, restrict access for junior analysts from seeing senior analyst dashboards (such as statistics on analysts’ performance).
    Once shared, regardless of who creates the dashboard, any user who has read and write permissions can change the sharing options including to stop sharing. If an analyst who has created and shared the dashboard, deletes the shared dashboard, it is removed from all users.
    Default Administrators can read and edit shared dashboards regardless whether an analyst selects read only.
  1. Go to the dashboard to share.
  2. Select
    gear button
  3. In the
    Share dashboard
    dialog box, select the required permissions to share.
  4. Click
    The dashboard is now shared among other analysts in the same role.
  5. To add a shared dashboard, from the home page, select
    Add dashboard
    and select the shared dashboard.
  6. To stop sharing a dashboard, do the following:
    1. Select
      gear icon
    2. In the
      share dashboard
      dialog box, remove all the roles.
    3. Click

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