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Test the Memory Limit

Test the memory limit by running an automation in the playground. Docker memory limit settings. Docker security. Docker hardening guide.
After configuring the memory limitation to the recommend 1 GB, you can test the memory limit in the playground.
  1. Run the following automation script:
    from multiprocessing import Process import os def big_string(size): sys.stdin = os.fdopen(0, "r") s = 'a' * 1024 while len(s) < size: s = s * 2 print('completed creating string of length: {}'.format(len(s))) size = 1 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 p = Process(target=big_string, args=(size, )) p.start() p.join() if p.exitcode != 0: return_error("Return code from sub process indicates failure: {}".format(p.exitcode)) else: print("Success allocating memory of size: {}".format(size))
    The command returns an error when it fails to allocate 1 GB of memory. For example:

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