End-of-Life (EoL)

Validate Additional App Servers

After adding additional application servers to a high availability environment, validate each server.
After adding application servers to your high availability deployment, we recommend verifying that each application server has the correct configuration.
  1. Verify the shared file system was created and is owned by demisto user.
    sudo ls -lh /<shared>/var/lib/demisto
    Modify path as needed if you mounted the shared filed system at another location.
    Confirm you see folders for artifacts, images, systemTools, etc.
  2. Verify that the
    folder on the new application server contains folders for tempSystemContent, script directories, etc.
    ls -lh /var/lib/demisto/temp
    Modify path as needed if you choose a different temp folder location.
    Temp folder must be owned by
  3. Validate the
    files are the same across all application servers.
    Only the
    keys should be different per application server.
  4. Log in to the new Cortex XSOAR app server
    app server
  5. Validate you can view the
    Elasticsearch Monitoring
    dashboard from the
    Elasticsearch Monitoring
    content pack to check Elasticsearch indexes for shards, replicas, and cluster status.
    Applies only to first application server.
  6. Go to
    App Servers
    Confirm that two or more application servers are showing online in the Elasticsearch cluster.
  7. Create a new incident and verify you can view the incident across all application servers.

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