Create a List

Create predefined lists in Cortex XSOAR that can be parsed by and modified by scripts. Indicators exclusion list, internal IP ranges.
Predefined lists can be created and modified to be used in scripts and War Rooms. A list can contain items of the same type in any format that would be useful. These are later parsed by, and can be modified by, scripts. For example, you might need to create a list of emails, a list of known trusted IPs (allow list), JSON objects, etc.
  1. To create a list using the UI:
    1. Go to
    2. Click
      Add a List
    3. Type the name of the list.
    4. Add the items in the list by typing, or dragging and dropping, or selecting a file. Be sure the items are separated by the default or custom separator.
    5. Click
  2. To create a list in a playbook:
    1. Create or edit a playbook task.
    2. In the
      field, type the name of the list.
    3. In the
      field, type the values for your list.
    4. Click

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