Migrate All Content to Content Packs

Convert existing content to Content Pack format, when upgrading from a version earlier than Cortex XSOAR 6.0. upgrade marketplace
After upgrading from a version earlier than 6.0, all your existing content, including custom and out of the box content is migrated. For example, go to
Servers & Services
where you can see all the integrations that were migrated.
Although out of the box content is updated, it does not receive content updates unless it is updated to Content Pack format.
You can convert all existing content to Content Pack format in a single operation or Convert Some Content Items to a Content Pack.
All existing content is overridden, but all configured settings for the content are retained. You can continue to use the content without converting to Content Pack format, but you do not receive content updates. Content updates are only applied to Content Packs. In cases where your existing content now requires subscription (payment), you will not have to pay to convert the content to Content Pack format. You only have to pay for newly subscribed content.
If you are using a remote repository configuration, make sure that you push all of your changes before converting content to packs. For more information, see Upgrade Remote Repositories from Versions 5.5 and below.
Only default administrators can perform the content conversion operation. The content conversion operation runs in the background and notifies you when it has completed. This operation might take a while to complete.
Before you begin, ensure that the Cortex XSOAR successfully communicates with Marketplace services. For more information, see Required URLs.
To migrate offline, follow the procedure in Install a Content Pack Offline instead.
  1. In
    , click the vertical ellipsis and select
    Migrate all content
  2. In the
    Content migration
    dialog box, click
    Migrate all content
    You receive two messages, one that you are installing content and another message when it has installed.
    You can check that all of the Content Pack is installed in the

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