Delete a Content Pack

Delete a Cortex XSOAR Content Pack, including all content. Unsubscribe from Content Packs. Delete all detached and customized content. installed uninstall
When you delete a Content Pack, all content is deleted including all detached and customized content.
If another pack is dependent on the Content Pack it may break other content. You can reinstall the Content Pack, but you cannot restore detached and customized content.
If you have a trial Content Pack and customize content during the trial period and you either fail to subscribe or delete the content, the customization is also removed with the content. You need to ensure that you subscribe to the Content Pack within the trial period otherwise all customizations are lost.
When removing a subscribed Content Pack, you do the following:
  • Unsubscribe from the pack, which is then deleted on the first of the next calendar month. Customizations and detachments remain until deletion. For example, if you unsubscribe on March 15, the content including detachments and customizations are removed on April 1.
  • Immediately remove the Content Pack from your environment.
For paid Content Packs, you need to install the Content Pack to remove it. The deleted Content Pack is recorded in the audit log. The version appears in the installation/update entry.
  1. Go to
  2. In the
    Content Packs Library
    section, search for the Content Pack and click the Content Pack you want to delete.
    For paid Content Packs, if you have installed the Content Pack on another environment you either need to go to that environment or install the Content Pack on the environment and then delete.
  3. (
    ) To delete paid content, log in to the Marketplace.
  4. Click .
  5. After reviewing the warning message, click
    If you have paid content you can either unsubscribe, or unsubscribe and delete. You can reinstall the deleted Content Pack by locating the Content Pack in the
    tab, but any customizations made are lost.

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