End-of-Life (EoL)

Update a Content Pack

Update Content Packs in Cortex XSOAR. View available updates in the Marketplace. market installed
When a Content Pack is available for update, you receive a notification next to the Marketplace icon . You can update to the latest content version or specific versions. If you have made any customizations, these are automatically included in any update. All dependent Content Packs update automatically with the Content Pack.
Users can see updates for Content Packs that they have in their environment which another user downloaded.
If you want to downgrade, any content that depends on the Content Pack including any customizations may be deleted if it does not exist in the target Content Pack version.
  1. In the
    tab, search for the content that is available to update.
  2. In the
    Release Notes
    tab of the Content Pack, view the updates that are available.
  3. (
    ) If there is more than one update available, select which version to update.
    If you choose to install the latest version it includes the previous version. If you have made any customizations these are included in any update. If any Dependencies require updating, these are automatically added:
  4. Click
  5. After the Content Pack installs, click
    Refresh content

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