End-of-Life (EoL)

Obtain Playbook Metadata

Analyze Cortex XSOAR playbook metadata for troubleshooting custom playbooks. getInvPlaybookMetaData command
You can analyze playbook metadata such as tasks input and output, the amount of
each task input/output uses, and the type of task. This is useful when troubleshooting your custom playbook if your system has slowed down and is using high CPU usage, memory, or storage (disk space).
After an incident has been assigned to a playbook you can analyze it to see its tasks inputs/outputs storage. You can filter the data according to the KB used in each task input/output.
  1. Run the following command.
    !getInvPlaybookMetaData incidentId=
    <incident ID>
    <size of the data you want to return in KB. Default is 10>
    For example, to view the playbook metadata that is used in incident number 964, type
    !getInvPlaybookMetaData incidentid=”964” minSize=”0”
    . The following information is returned.

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