End-of-Life (EoL)

Restrict Actions for Custom Locked Content Items

Prevent users of tenant accounts from downloading, cloning and viewing codes for custom locked content items in Cortex XSOAR multi tenant deployment.
This feature is applicable in multi-tenant environments. The feature enables you to restrict actions such as downloading, cloning, and viewing code for custom locked content items on the tenant account. Users who are local to the tenant are not able to:
  • Clone, detach, download, or view automation code.
  • Clone or view integration codes.
  • Download or clone playbooks.
When the feature is enabled, changes in the following pages are visible in tenant accounts:
  • In the Automations page, the script and all action buttons are hidden.
  • In the Integrations page, the view and copy buttons are not visible for custom hidden integrations.
  • In the Playbooks page, the duplicate and download action buttons are disabled for custom locked playbooks. Task scripts are not available for view if custom locked scripts are used.
The restrictions in this feature do not apply to users of the main account who are accessing the tenant account.
To restrict actions for custom locked content items, perform the following server configuration.
  1. Go to
    in the main account.
  2. In the Server Configuration section, click
    Add Server Configuration
  3. Enter the key
    with a value of
    . Changes apply to all tenant accounts.

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