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Sync Content to Tenant Accounts

Sync content to each tenant account individually or sync content to all tenants in a single operation in a Cortex XSOAR multi-tenant deployment.
The content that you sync from the main account to the tenant accounts might add, override, or remove content from the tenant accounts. New content items, those which do not currently exist on the tenants will be added. When you sync content to tenant accounts, there can potentially be content items that will be added,
  • Add
    : New content items, those which do not currently exist on the tenants, will be added.
  • Override
    : For content items that are being pushed in the sync operation and which already exist on the tenants, the sync operation will override the existing content on the tenant accounts.
  • Remove
    : For content items that were removed from the main account and which already exist on the tenant accounts, the sync operation will remove the existing content from the tenant accounts.
It is important that you review each content item and their dependencies before syncing the content. You have the option to remove items before executing the sync operation.
If you are using version control and need to revert to an earlier version of a content item and to push this change to tenant accounts, selective propagation must be enabled.
Before you begin, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to sync accounts.
  1. In the main account, go to
    Account Management
  2. Review all content affected by the sync operation in each of the three tabs.
  3. Select the tenant accounts you want to sync content to.
    1. (Option 1)
      To review all content to a single tenant account, select the tenant account and click
    2. (Option 2)
      To sync content to tenant accounts without review, select two or more tenant accounts and click
  4. (Optional)
    Remove items from the sync operation.
  5. Click

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