Shared Agents

Create shared agents to transfer files and execute commands on a remote machines. Run automations, scripts, forensic tools. Cortex XSOAR
A shared agent enables you to transfer files and execute commands on remote machines for a number of incidents. If you want to create an agent for a specific incident only, create a D2 Agent.
Before installing a shared agent, you need to create a shared agent instance. The default hostname must be the same as the endpoint’s system name.
Shared agents enable you to do the following:
  • Perform tasks from the Cortex XSOAR CLI as if you were using the target machine.
  • Run pre-defined D2 agent automation scripts.
  • Create and configure automation scripts using Agent Tools.
  • Run existing D2 agent forensic tools (agent tools) as part of a Cortex XSOAR playbook.
You can run all the D2 automations, such as D2Exec, D2Drop, etc. You need to add
Name of shared agent
at the end of each automation.

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