Archive Artifacts and Attachments

It is recommended to archive artifacts and attachments to facilitate migration and data recovery processes.
Locate the folders that reside in the following location (where Cortex XSOAR is installed),
Although the folders reside in
Do Not
save the backup folders under
Follow these steps to create artifact and attachment archive folders.
  1. Stop the Cortex XSOAR service using the following command.
    $ sudo service demisto stop
  2. Create directories to hold the archived artifacts and attachments. For example:
    mkdir -p /var/lib/demisto-archive/artifacts
    mkdir -p /var/lib/demisto-archive/attachments
  3. Navigate to the
    cd /var/lib/demisto-archive/
  4. Find the artifacts and attachments you want to save and compress in the archive directories. For example, the following commands archive artifacts and attachments that are older than 250 days.
    For artifacts:
    find /var/lib/demisto/artifacts -type f -mtime +250 | xargs -I% sh -c 'tar -rvf artifacts/artifactsArchive.tar.gz % && rm %'
    For attachments:
    find /var/lib/demisto/attachments -type f -mtime +250 | xargs -I% sh -c 'tar -rvf attachments/attachmentsArchive.tar.gz % && rm %'
  5. Start the Cortex XSOAR service.
    $ sudo service demisto start

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