Access the Marketplace

Enable users to access subscription-based content in the Marketplace. Troubleshoot errors with Cortex XSOAR marketplace access. register login
The actions that users can perform in the Marketplace are determined by user roles assigned in Cortex XSOAR and the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal.
If you want to allow access to subscription-based content in the
ensure the following:

Log in to the Marketplace

To subscribe to a Content Pack or add a review, the user needs to login to the Marketplace.
Before logging in, ensure that you have a valid license for your required users. If updating from an earlier version to v6.0 you may need to upgrade your license. For more information about licenses, contact Customer Support.
Cortex XSOAR log in credentials are not the same as the Customer Support details. You need to register as a user with Palo Alto Networks.

Log-in Error

When logging in to the Marketplace and you receive a
site cannot be reached
error, you need to update the External Host Name.
  1. Go to
  2. In the
    External Host Name
    field type the name (address) of the host.
  3. Click

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