Create a Content Pack

Create a Content Pack and submit it to Cortex XSOAR for approval. Add your Content Pack to the Marketplace. market contributions marketplace contribution edit
Any user can add content that has been created to a content pack. The content pack is submitted and reviewed by Cortex XSOAR to ensure it complies with Cortex XSOAR standards. After approval, the content pack can be used in the Marketplace.
  1. Select
    Contribute Content
  2. In the
    Content Pack Editor
    field type a meaningful name for the content pack.
  3. In the
    Add Content
    section, from the dropdown list select the type of content you want, locate the content you want to add and click
    For more information about how to build a content pack, see the Dev Hub documentation.
  4. If you want to continue adding content at a later time or to use the
    Validate Pack
    option, click the save button.
  5. (
    ) Click Validate Pack to check for errors. The pack must be saved before you validate.
  6. If you have finished and want to send the content pack to a Cortex XSOAR developer for review, click
    Save and contribute
    to either contribute or download your contribution.
  7. (
    ) In the
    dialog box, add a description.
  8. Select
    Save and submit your contribution
    , enter your email address and click
    Instead of submitting the contribution, you can also download the content pack and upload it, for example, to GitHub.
    After sending the content pack, a confirmation message appears. You will be contacted about the next steps in the review process.

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