Add a Widget to a Report

Add a widget to a report in Cortex XSOAR.
You can add a widget to an existing or a new report.
  1. Create or edit a report.
  2. When editing a report, click
    Add Widget
  3. In the
    Widgets Library
    section, search for the widget you want to add and click
  4. To edit the widget, select the
    Settings wheel
    Edit Widget
  5. To edit the widget follow the procedure in Create a Widget using the Widget Builder.
    When editing the widget in the dashboard, the widget changes when used in the report only. If you want to make changes that are available for other users, or dashboards, reports, etc, edit the widget from the
    Widget Library
  6. Click
    By default, a widget inherits the date range that you specify when creating the widget. If the date range for the report or dashboard does not include the widget date range, the data is blank. To change the widget’s date range, click the gear icon and select either
    Use Widget’s date range
    , or
    Use Dashboard’s date range

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