Reports Overview

Overview of Cortex XSOAR reports and how to create and edit reports. Analyze data in PDF, Word, and CSV formats. Upload your own logo.
Reports contain statistical data in the form of widgets, which enable you to analyze data from inside or outside Cortex XSOAR, in different formats such as graphs, pie charts, or text from information.
After generating a report, it also appears in the
tab, so you can use the report again.
You can do the following:
  • When creating a report, what you see is what you get. How you configure the report, is how it generates. You can add widgets to a report, change the format, paper size, insert page breaks (by adding the
    Page Break
    widget), etc. If you have a table widget that contains many rows, you can select the number of rows on each page or print the whole table (in the table widget, right click and select
    Force Print full Chart
    You can add your own logo, by going to
    and uploading your logo in the
    Full-size logo
    field. Reports are generated in PDF, Word and CSV formats.
    If upgrading from a previous version to v6.2 and above, the last configured roles are used when running a report. For example, in v6.0, if User A (administrator) runs a report (run as current user) and then User B (analyst) runs the same report (run as current user) only the analyst role appears in
    Run as roles
    field in version 6.2.
  • Create a report from a dashboard
    You can create a report from the dashboard as is, or add new widgets as required. You have the same functionality as custom reports, such as format, when to run, orientation, etc. To create a report from the dashboard, click
    Create report
  • You can schedule a report to run specific times, or run the report immediately. You can also send to specific recipients, and restrict the report according to roles.
  • Generate an out of the box report
    Cortex XSOAR comes with out-of-the-box reports, such as critical and High incidents, Daily incidents, last 7 days incidents, and so on. You can change the time range for the incidents, the scheduled time and who can receive the report. If you want to make more comprehensive changes to these types of out of the box reports, copy or download (and upload) the report.
  • Captures investigation-specific data and share it with team members. You can customize how the information is displayed for existing incidents.
If you encounter problems with reports, see Troubleshoot Reports.

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