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Install Cortex XSOAR for a Multi-Tenant Deployment

Install Cortex XSOAR for multi-tenant deployment with Bolt/Bleve database (not Elasticsearch).
Multi-tenant deployments are only intended for MSSPs and certain enterprise use cases. If you are not an MSSP and want to deploy a multi-tenant environment, you must first consult with the Cortex XSOAR product management team. If you deploy a multi-tenant environment without approval from the product management team, Cortex XSOAR will not support the deployment.
Ensure that you run all commands as the root user.
Files and folders
These are the files and folders created during the multi-tenant installation.
/etc/demisto.conf (this is not created if defaults are selected during installation).
  1. Download the server package you received from Cortex XSOAR support.
  2. Run the
    chmod +x demistoserver-{version}.sh
    to make the server package executable.
  3. Run the
    ./demistoserver-{version}.sh -- -multi-tenant
    command as root user.

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