Minor Releases

Cortex XSOAR 6.2 minor releases, maintenance releases.

Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1398946)

Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1398946) is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides several usability enhancements.
New Features
  • Hosted service customers can now add, edit, and delete server configurations. For security and compliance reasons, a number of server configurations are not available through the web interface. If you attempt to add a server configuration that is not available through the web interface, a message displays directing you to open a support ticket.
  • When creating a pie chart, you can now display the values directly on the chart. To display values on a pie chart, you will need to add a server configuration and select 'show values on the graph' in the widget configuration.
Fixed Issues
  • In the CLI, the description of the verdict argument for the setIndicators command was not updated. The values
    Bad, Suspicious, Good, None
    were not replaced with
    Unknown, Benign, Suspicious, Malicious
  • When running the migration tool, if there was an invalid custom layout, layouts failed to migrate to Elasticsearch.
  • When running a data collection task inside a sub-playbook loop, a reminder was sent for an already completed task.
  • When editing a playbook, data collection tasks defaulted to auto-select the first option, even if the field definition did not have
    use first as default
  • When adding notes to an incident, users could not add multiple notes in succession without refreshing the page.
  • In some cases, deleting individual items from an Exclusion list resulted in all items in the list being deleted.
  • In some cases, a page fault caused the server to become unresponsive.
  • There was a performance issue when viewing or editing large incidents with many war room entries.
  • Some users could not access the War Room.
  • When a task description was added, it displayed only as a tool tip and markdown was not rendered.
  • When performing a search query that included the '&' symbol, the query was truncated.
  • In some cases, a new dashboard could not be created when an existing dashboard could not be loaded.
  • In some cases, when performing searches and viewing dashboard widgets, internal server errors occurred.
  • In some cases when using Live Backup, after upgrading to Cortex XSOAR 6.2, the database of the backup server was corrupted.
  • When generating a report that contained a bar chart that was configured to show values, the bar values were missing.
  • In an Elasticsearch deployment, when searching descriptions in the automations library, searches did not return results, and an error was displayed. After updating to this version:
    1. Start the server to apply the new template.
    2. Stop the service.
    3. Reindex the configuration index.
    4. Restart the service.
  • (
    ) When creating a report from the main account, the full set of data was not included in the report for widgets without limit configuration of type table or list.
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Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1321594)

Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1321594) is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides a usability enhancement.
New Features
  • Cortex XSOAR now supports RHEL version 8.1.
  • In the
    Widget Builder
    tab, the
    Custom Group by
    and the
    Custom Calculation on a Field
    are now highlighted in blue for better visibility. In the
    section, the tooltip wording has been improved.
  • (
    ) In the
    Widgets Library
    , you can now edit the
    Propagation Labels
    for custom and system widgets. This is useful if you want to create a widget for a specific tenant, and control who else can receive the widget.
Fixed Issues
  • When running a script on one engine and a nested integration on another engine, the file results could not be returned to the first engine that triggered the script, due to an incorrect remote path. As a result, the file could not be downloaded from the War Room.
  • In an Elasticsearch configuration, when searching for a custom incident (that has been indexed) with a timer, such as
    , no results were returned due to a mapping issue.
  • In some cases, when upgrading to Cortex XSOAR 6.2, not all engines were upgraded.
  • When running a task size query, if the server configuration
    was set to
    , incorrect data was returned.
  • In some cases, after upgrading an engine to Cortex XSOAR 6.2 using RPM or DEB files, the engine would not start.
  • When querying indicators using filter fields, an error message appeared due to some indicators not being not formed correctly in the database.
  • In a multi repository environment, sorting a column widget did not work as expected.
  • When upgrading to version 6.2, a critical error appeared on the disaster recovery server due to missing diagnostic and execution metrics that corrupted the disaster recovery server.
  • Sometimes a
    Cannot read property 'forEach' of null
    error message appeared in the
    pages. After clicking the message, the user either returned to the previous page or the login page, which was due to an incident field grid type not containing column data.
  • When configuring a new button on a layout, after clicking the curly brackets in a field in the
    Button Settings
    dialog box, the new dialog box did not appear as expected.
  • When running a script based widget, groups with the name “Other” were removed.
  • In some cases, after an upgrade to Cortex XSOAR 6.2, the server would not start due to an existing empty database partition,
  • (
    ) When using a shared engine, tenants were able to access the engine logs.
Known Issue
  • (
    ) When the SAML integration is configured, the host log file will include panic error logs during host registration.
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Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1271082)

Cortex XSOAR 6.2.0 (B1271082) is a maintenance release that delivers the following bug fix:
  • Resolves a vulnerability related to unauthorized use of the REST API as described in CVE-2021-3044.

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