Create a Report

Create a new report in Cortex XSOAR. Add widgets and customize report. Schedule a report.
You can create and customize reports in the
tab. You can add widgets, schedule times, incident time range, add recipients, change the format, size, and so on. Reports support PDF, CSV, and Word formats.
  1. Select
    Dashboards & Reports
    New Report
  2. In the
    Widget’s Library
    , add the widgets as required, as described in Add a Widget to a Report.
  3. From the
    Date Range
    drop down list, select the date range from which to generate the report.
    Widgets can have their own date range, which can be different from the report’s date range
  4. To schedule a report, click Disabled.
  5. To change the number of recipients or their details, in the
    field, click the number of recipients.
  6. To change the format, orientation and paper size select the options as required.
    It is recommended to use landscape to ensure that all information displays in the report.
  7. Before generating the report, click
    to see a preview of the report. You can change the size or arrange the widgets, insert a page break (using the Page Break Widget), etc.
  8. Click
    Save Version
    Save Version enables you to view a history of the changes made to your report. You can revert to previous reports.
  9. To generate the report immediately, in the
    tab, edit the
    Date Range
    of the incidents if required, and click
    Run Now
    The Report downloads.
    Ensure that you enable pop-ups in your browser.

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