Minor Releases

Cortex XSOAR 6.5 minor releases, maintenance releases.
Cortex XSOAR Minor Release
Release Date
December 20, 2021

Cortex XSOAR 6.5.0 (B2102531)

Cortex XSOAR 6.5.0 (B2102531) is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides several usability enhancements.
New Features
Fixed Issues
  • Autocomplete did not show custom field options.
  • When creating a script button, the context button was not available for script arguments.
  • When using a remote repository, lists originating on the development environment could be edited in the production environment.
  • When creating a new Threat Intel Report, the automations browser button did not appear in the CLI and the browser tab did not show the name of the report.
  • For new Threat Intel Reports, some added indicators did not show up in the relationship table query.
  • When upgrading from v6.2 (build number 1883722), the server failed to start.
  • When changing the
    Date Range
    in a dashboard, widgets that were configured to use the dashboard’s date range were not updated.
  • New line characters did not work in playbook task labels (for support in Japanese).
  • When exporting a custom layout JSON file larger than 32KB, some entries were truncated.
  • In certain circumstances, after reverting back to the production server after a failover, new incidents were ingested on top of old ones, overriding their IDs.
  • When viewing an automation in preview mode, it was not possible to change the
    Run on
    field, without detaching the automation
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