Configure the HTML Field

Add a server configuration in Cortex XSOAR to apply css, style attributes to HTML fields, or change maximum size. indicator types incident types fields
From version 6.0.1, when adding an HTML field, by default, Cortex XSOAR does not apply its own style themes to the HTML field.
If you have existing HTML fields and upgrade from an earlier version, the HTML fields may not appear as expected. You can change the default behavior to allow HTML fields to utilize style themes from existing user styles.
You can also change the HTML maximum size, and append any missing HTML styles to default styles. By default, HTML fields populated by integrations are limited to 50KB of data. When working with Threat Intel Feeds, content greater than 50KB is truncated.
Relevant for all HTML entries and fields, such as in widgets, dashboards, incidents, indicators, etc.
  1. Select
    Add Server Configuration
  2. To change the styles to utilize style themes from existing user styles, add the following key and value.
    By default, this configuration is set to false, so you cannot use Cortex XSOAR theme styles.
  3. To change the maximum size to display the HTML field, add the following key and value:
    Default is 50KB. If you increase the limit substantially, it may slow performance.
  4. To change the style attributes, add the following key and value:
    If the HTML is missing some of the styles and it does not appear as expected, you should append the missing styles to the default styles.
    Supports the following styles:
  5. Click
    to save any configuration.

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