Hosted Service Constraints

Due to security and performance factors, there are limitations to the Hosted Service.
Due to security and performance factors, the following limitations apply to the Hosted Service:
  • If you are running a version of Cortex XSOAR earlier than v6.2, you do not have direct access to add or change server configurations (i.e. advanced features that are not available via the Cortex XSOAR GUI). Server configurations must be requested via support tickets. The advanced configuration page is read only. If you are running Cortex XSOAR v6.2 or later, you can add or change most server configurations through the Cortex XSOAR
    page. For security and compliance reasons, a limited number of server configurations are not available through the web interface, and must be requested via support ticket.
  • You cannot SSH into a hosted instance. You can access only the web interface via HTTPS (port 443) and the API.
  • You cannot schedule or automate backups through the Cortex XSOAR backup page.
  • You cannot install a customer operated agent, such as a log collector, antivirus, anti-malware software, etc. on the servers’ operating system.
  • You cannot disable telemetry.
  • When using EDL and webhook integrations, you must use the https (instance name) option, and not the URL/port option.
  • Shared agents are connected via Cortex XSOAR engines and not through the hosted server.
  • The hosted service does not support a remote database, a distributed database, or live backup. All architecture design and maintenance is done by Palo Alto Networks.
  • Debug mode is enabled by default for logs and cannot be changed.
  • Palo Alto Networks does not install engines or provide hosting for engines. You can deploy engines on your own premises.
  • Penetration testing on Cortex XSOAR hosted workloads is not permitted without prior written authorization. Network stress-testing and application load testing on Cortex XSOAR workloads is prohibited.

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