Support and Maintenance

Cortex XSOAR Hosted Service provides support and maintenance. Premium support customers have 24/7 phone support.
Cortex XSOAR targets a 99.9% service availability which equals unplanned downtime of up to 43.83 minutes per month or up to 8.77 hours per year. The current availability status, notifications, and scheduled maintenance can be viewed at
If the service limits for incident ingestion or monthly partition data are exceeded, Palo Alto Networks can not guarantee the SLA.
The Cortex XSOAR hosted service operates under the Palo Alto Networks business continuity policy (BCP), defined as 4HR/4HR RPO/RTO.
Customers are notified prior to planned maintenance or expected outages and are updated when the maintenance is complete. You can also opt in to Get Notifications About Hosted Instance Availability via email.
Under the Standard plan, technical support is available via the Customer Support Portal. With the Premium plan, technical support is also available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
For server outages on the production environment, customers should open a request via a support ticket.
Service is down, critically affects Customer production environment. No workaround available yet.
≤ 2 hours
≤ 1 hour
Service is impaired, Customer production up, but impacted. No workaround available yet.
≤ 4 hours
≤ 2 hours
A Service function has failed, Customer production not affected. Support is aware of the issue and a workaround is available.
≤ 12 hours
≤ 4hours
Non-critical issue. Does not impact Customer business. Server configurations, information, documentation, and how-to requests from Customer. Requests for new features and enhancements should be submitted through the Aha site.
≤ 48 hours
≤ 8 hours
Critical server patches and critical operating system updates are applied when available. Non-critical server patches and operating system updates, defined as those that don’t affect production instances, are applied when software is upgraded.
Non-critical Cortex XSOAR application upgrades are installed on an on-demand basis. Customers submit support tickets to request application upgrades. Separate requests are required to upgrade the development and production environments. Customers must provide at least 24 hours advance notice prior to the upgrade date. Non-critical upgrades are performed Monday - Thursday.

Get Notifications About Hosted Instance Availability

Opt in to the notification service to get email alerts about hosted instance availability, which includes alerts about unexpected downtime and then follow-up alerts when the service is back up.
  1. Log in to your Cortex XSOAR instance and go to
  2. In the
    Server Configuration
    section click
    Add Server Configuration
  3. Enter the following key and value:
    A comma-separated list of email addresses who will receive notifications.
  4. Click
    and verify that the new server configuration has been added by refreshing the page.
    It may take up to an hour after adding the server configuration before you begin receiving relevant email notifications.

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