Minor Releases

Cortex XSOAR 6.6 minor releases, maintenance releases.
Cortex XSOAR Minor Release
Release Date
March 20, 2022
May 11, 2022

Cortex XSOAR 6.6.0 (B2889656)

Cortex XSOAR 6.6.0 (B2889656) is a maintenance release that delivers the following bug fixes:
Fixed Issues
  • For recurring jobs, the
    time calculation was not calculated according to the
    new job form field.
  • After upgrade, the server continuously created random folders under
  • A function in the
    file returned
    and caused a panic log error when it was later referenced in the file.
  • When running a playbook, if an error occurred, the
    button was disabled.
  • When running the playbook debugger on the same playbook in two different tabs, an error occurred.
  • When running a playbook with the
    checkbox selected, the UI did not follow the playbook execution.
  • In some cases, playbooks would hang in the middle of their run, due to role change changes being applied to the playbook too soon.
  • In some cases, playbooks did not auto-run due to an issue in updating the cache.
  • When editing and running a playbook that contains a
    Data Collection
    task which requests an attachment, after the user opens the link and adds an attachment, the attachment was shown twice.
  • When running JavaScript and Python integrations and files on engines, an error appeared while running specific commands.
  • Cortex XSOAR crashed due to a concurrent map read and write error.
  • (
    ) In a High Availability environment, a websocket issue caused connectivity issues.
  • (
    ) In a High Availability environment, after adding a breakpoint to a task in a playbook, when running the playbook and clicking
    Run Automation Now
    (in the task with the breakpoint), an error is displayed.
  • (
    ) After upgrading, some accounts were marked as not active if the account was not created on the Main Server.
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Cortex XSOAR 6.6.0 (B2585049)

Cortex XSOAR 6.6.0 (B2585049) is a maintenance release that delivers the following bug fixes:
Fixed Issues
  • Non-licensed users submitting cases in the self-service portal received a permissions error when logging in.
  • The ToDo Task widget in the Overview dashboard did not display any assigned ToDo tasks if a role was assigned to the incident.
  • When upgrading to Cortex XSOAR version 6.6 with a Cortex SOAR license only, jobs tasks failed to complete, due to a playbook issue which caused them not to execute.
  • In some cases, when attempting to copy a task, the entire playbook was selected instead.
  • After selecting incidents, if you changed the query to exclude the selected incidents, they remained selected, but were not included in the list of selected incidents. as it has not yet been fixed.
  • When using bi-directional mirroring, closed incidents were mirrored out.
  • When run on an engine, the
    Remote Access
    integration could not copy artifact files.
  • (
    Threat Intel Management
    ) When searching for data in the Sample Analysis page, after the request completed, if there was a 502/505 error code, the following error was returned:
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'then')
  • (
    ) After using the debugger on a playbook with data from a specific incident or the Playground, the debugger did not work correctly if you tried to debug the same playbook using data from incidents stored in other partitions.
  • (
    ) In a High Availability environment, sometimes app server communication issues caused system errors, including failing to execute commands on engines, failing to open work plans in the UI, failing to consistently run automations and commands, etc.
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