Export or Share a Threat Intel Report

How to export a threat intel report, or share it with others (publish).
After you create a report, you can:
  • Share it with others (publish)
  • Export it to PDF format
User roles that are assigned the Threat Intel permission (Page Access) have access to the Threat Intel page.
By default, all roles have read/write access to the reports themselves. To limit this, and to grant read/write access only to specific roles, you can Define Role Access to Reports.
After you publish a report, all system roles are granted read-only access for that specific report.

Share a Threat Intel Report

To share a report, you need to publish the report to grant access to others, and then they will be able to access the report URL. When you publish a report, all roles in the system are granted read-only access to the report. If you unpublish a report, that access is reverted. Publish/unpublish does not revert any read/write access that you granted to specific roles.
  1. Navigate to the Threat Intel Reports table and click the
    of the report you want to share.
  2. From the Access section,
    the report.
    Once published, anyone who you give the report link to can see the report (provided they have access to your Cortex XSOAR environment). To remove share access,
    the report.

Export a Threat Intel Report

  1. Navigate to the Threat Intel Reports table and click the
    of the report you want to export.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon at the top right of the report and click
  3. (Optional) If your report has multiple tabs, and you want to generate a report from a specific tab, you can choose the tab from the
    Select a tab to generate report from
    drop-down. If you want to generate all the tabs, leave this radio button selected without choosing a tab.
    If you selected the
    Format for exporting
    option for a tab in the report layout, that tab will be selected by default.
  4. From the Properties section, choose a
    , and
    Paper Size
    for the report.

Define Role Access to Reports

To grant read/write access for a report to users, you need to assign roles to the report. Roles can be assigned from the Roles field during report creation, and also subsequently in the same field after you create the report. If you don’t assign any roles to a report, all roles will have read/write access for the report.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • When youcreate a report, choose one or more
      in the Permissions section of the new report dialog.
    • After you create a report, choose one or more
      in the Access section of the report layout.

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