Stop and Start a Tenant

Stop and start a tenant in a Cortex XSOAR multi-tenant deployment, through the API or the UI. Reindex a tenant.
The following provides instructions for stopping and starting specific tenants. A use case would be if you want to reindex a single tenant.
  • To stop and start a tenant via the API, use the following commands:
    • Stop:
    • Start: Use the Post command with the following body:
      { "name": "<acc_name>" "additionalArgs": "<argsToCLI>" }
    To view the REST API documentation, select
    API Keys
    ViewCortex XSOAR API
  • To start/stop a tenant via the UI:
    1. Click the cogwheel next to the tenant.
    2. To stop the tenant, click
    3. To start the tenant, click
    Additional arguments can be passed to the tenant via the CLI upon start. This allows you to reindex the entire database or a specific index database, or to run other processes.

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