Troubleshoot a Remote Repository Configuration

Troubleshoot issues for a Cortex XSOAR remote repository configuration plus FAQs. contentrepository dev-prod dev prod remote repository repo
You can troubleshoot the following issues:
Question: Which services are supported?
Answer: Working with remote repositories is git-based. Any service that supports this protocol can be used, for example, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc. In addition, on-premise repositories are also supported.
Question: Does Cortex XSOAR remote repository configuration support GPG signing?
Answer: yes
  1. Connect to the environment on which you are experiencing the issue using SSH.
  2. Run the following commands:
    • git --global config user.signingKey KEYID
      where KEYID is your key ID.
    • git --global config commit.gpgSign true
Question: Can I limit permissions for pushing content?
Question: Can I edit content in my production environment?
Answer: No. When working in a remote repository configuration, content can only be edited in the development environment.
Question: Can I validate my development environment with SSH public key authentication?
Yes. A remote repository can be validated using SSH public key authentication with a certificate.

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