Troubleshoot Content Issues

Troubleshoot content issues in a remote repository. Restore content backup package to restore missing content. contentrepository dev-prod dev prod repo
The following instructions describe how to troubleshoot issues with your content.
Missing Content
After enabling the remote repository feature or updating content, some content is missing. To resolve this issue, restore the content backup package that was created when you enabled the feature or updated content.
  1. Copy the content package from the server to your local machine using the
    The backup is located at
  2. In Cortex XSOAR, navigate to
    Custom content
    and upload the content package.
Missing Content History
When using characters that are not UTF-8, the version history is not available.
  1. Connect to the environment on which you are experiencing the issue using SSH.
  2. Run the following
    git config --global core.quotepath off
Repository Connection Error
When attempting to commit content to the remote repository, the following error appears:
Another git process seems to be running in this repository, editor opened by 'git commit'. Please make sure all processesare terminated then try again. If it still fails, a git processmay have crashed in this repository earlier:remove the file manually to continue.) 2020-09-15 15:34:15.9433 error VC: failed to add objects files 'automation-GetMLModelEvaluation.yml, automation-DBotMLFetchData.yml, automation-DBotBuildPhishingClassifier.yml, automation-DBotPreProcessTextData.yml, automation-SanePdfReports.yml, automation-CommonServerPowerShell.yml, automation-GetIndicatorsByQuery.yml, automation-GetIncidentsByQuery.yml, automation-SaneDocReports.yml, automation-DBotSuggestClassifierMapping.yml, automation-DBotTrainTextClassifierV2.yml' to index (source: /home/circleci/.go_workspace/src/ exit status 128fatal: Unable to create '/var/lib/demisto/versionControlRepo/.git/index.lock': File exists.
This can occur if the server was stopped during git execution.
Delete the
file located in the
directory to solve the issue.
Content Installation Error
When installing content from the content repo, a message similar to the following appears:
Could not create incidenttype with ID 'Phishing' and name 'Phishing'. Version (oldVersionNumber) is not compatible with environment version (versionNumber) [Content Pack: <contentPackName>] (100018)]
Before implementing the following solution, ensure that the content item from the error message is not detached. If the item is detached, after you re-attach it, the change will show up in the local changes under items and not packs.
  1. In your development environment, upgrade the relevant content pack, or re-install the content pack from
    Installed content packs
    Version history
  2. Push the content pack that was updated as well as the relevant items from the
    tab in local changes in the development environment.
  3. In your production environment, pull your content.

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