Addressed Issues

Cortex XSOAR 6.8 addressed issues.
These issues are fixed in the Cortex XSOAR v6.8 release.
  • When adding the
    concat (string)
    transformer, Splunk epoch values read in from data context were transformed to an invalid format.
  • External Active Directory users were not authenticated for data collection tasks when using their email addresses.
  • When using a delta-triggered job with a playbook query that had
    Run only on new and modified indicators
    selected, new or modified indicator were not always processed.
  • A random folder was created in
    after upgrading to Cortex XSOAR v6.6 on host groups with multiple hosts.
  • In rare cases, due to a missing cookie, users were unable to log in to the Cortex XSOAR host machine.
  • When using the exported fields feature of the
    Generic Export Indicators Service
    integration, external dynamic lists (EDLs) could not export certain fields.
  • When applying a new license on the active server and then switching the active and backup server, the new active server still displayed the old license in the UI.
  • When manually creating or editing an incident, if you set a date and time for a reminder, removed that reminder, and then tried to change the incident owner, an error occurred and the owner could not be changed.
  • When saving a version of a mapper, the confirmation window showed
    Update Classifier
    instead of
    Update Mapper
    for the title and the confirmation button.
  • When using custom lists in a remote repository environment, custom lists were locked on the development machine after switching from development to production and then back to development.
  • When setting a job start time using the human readable mode option, the job did not start at the correct time.
  • When the Cortex XSOAR service was stopped with the
    sudo service demisto stop
    command, if any scripts or integrations were still running, the service entered a failed state.
  • When using
    , if the new indicator was merged with an existing indicator, the indicator type for the merged indicator was set to
    , overwriting the original indicator type.
  • After setting a preferred time/date format using the
    reports.time.format server
    configuration, SLA fields were not displayed in the preferred format in reports.
  • If you added new commands to a custom integration and then imported the custom content, the integration was updated, but the commands did not appear in the UI unless you edited and saved the integration on the server.
  • If you made changes in a
    Ask by Email
    task after the timer started, the timer was reset to the default value, instead of the custom time value set by the user.
  • (
    High Availability
    ) When the remote repository feature was enabled on an application server, the configuration was not updated on other application servers until the service was restarted.
  • When corrupted data was sent to telemetry, in rare occasions, the server froze, which required a manual restart to the service.
  • In Cortex XSOAR v6.8, scheduled entries ran non-stop and caused the system to get stuck.
  • When a playbook was imported via
    Custom content
    , the action was not recorded in the audit trail.

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