Export Indicators to the Shared Index

The Share Indicators integration is a dedicated integration that you configure on each tenant account to export its indicators to the shared index. XSOAR
Use the Share Indicators integration to define which indicators to export to the shared index.
  1. Access the tenant account for which to share the indicators.
  2. Go to
  3. Search for
    Share Indicators
  4. Configure the integration instance.
    A meaningful name for the integration instance.
    Fetch indicators
    Make sure you select this option if you want this integration instance to export indicators to the shared index.
    Fetch interval
    How often to fetch indicators from this tenant and export them to the shared index. You can specify the interval in days, hours, or minutes.
    5 minutes
    Indicators Query
    The query that defines which indicators to fetch from the tenant and export to the shared index. The Query is in Elasticsearch syntax.
    type:Domain or type:IP
The tenant’s indicators are exported to the shared index, at the specified interval, and are available for other tenants to ingest.

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