Set Up and Customize Threat Intel Report Types

How to set up and customize threat intel report types in Cortex XSOAR.
To create a threat intel report, you can:
  • Choose to use one of the out-of-the-box report types
  • Customize an out-of-the-box report type to suit your needs
  • Create your own report type
Each report type has an associated layout, containing relevant fields.
Before you begin setting up and customizing threat intel reports, consider the following elements involved in creating report types:
Classify the different types of reports that your organization needs. Each type has an associated layout. You will choose a type when you create a report.
Use as placeholders to manually populate a report with relevant data after a report is created. Fields are included with, and can be added to, report layouts.
Customize your layouts for each report type to make sure the most relevant information is shown for each type.
Inline Value Fields
By default, when editing the following inline values in a threat intel report, the changes are not saved until you confirm your changes (clicking the check mark icon in the value field).
  • Dropdown values
  • Text values
These icons are designed to let you have an additional level of security before you make changes to the fields in threat intel reports, incidents, and indicators.
To change the default behavior set the
server configuration to
, which enables you to make changes to inline fields without clicking the check mark. The changes are automatically saved when clicking anywhere on the page or when navigating to another page. For text values you can also click anywhere in the value field to edit.

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