Prisma Access

  1. Use the credentials associated with your Palo Alto Networks support account and log in to the Prisma Access application on the hub.
  2. Create a Custom URL Category list that includes all DoH resolvers you want to enable traffic to/from (you will need the DNS server URL(s)).
  3. Create a Decryption Policy Rule that references the custom URL category list that you created in the previous step.
  4. Create or update a security policy rule and reference an anti-spyware profile with the DNS Security settings and a custom URL category list (
    Custom Objects
    URL Category
    ) containing the approved list of DoH servers.
  5. Create a block policy to decrypt HTTPS traffic and block all remaining unsanctioned DoH traffic that is not explicitly allowed by the custom URL category list (referenced in step 5) by using the App-ID:
    and the following URL category:
    If you already have an existing block policy to block DoH traffic, verify that the rule is placed below the previous security policy rule used to match with specific DoH resolvers listed in a custom URL category list object.
  6. (Optional) Search for activity on the firewall for HTTPS-encrypted DNS queries that have been processed using DNS Security.
    1. Select
      Log Viewer
      and select
    2. Submit a log query based on the application, using
      , for example,
      app = 'dns-over-https'
    3. Select a log entry to view the details of a detected DNS threat that uses DoH.
    4. The threat
      is displayed in the
      pane of the detailed log view. Other relevant details about the threat are displayed in their corresponding windows.

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