Create a Block Response Page on Cloud Management

Custom block response page for traffic matching your
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
data profiles on
Cloud Management
Create a custom block response page to display when traffic that matches your
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
data profiles for
Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
and SaaS Security on
Cloud Management
Enterprise DLP
supports custom block response pages in HTML format.
After you successfully create and upload a custom block response page, you can
Revert to Inherited Template
to display the default custom block page.
  1. Select
    Security Services
    Data Loss Prevention
    and click the
    Data Filtering Page
    Cloud Management
    allows you to
    Export HTML Template
    of the default block response page to help you create a custom block page.
  2. Choose File
    and select the custom block response page.
  3. Save
    the block response page.
  4. Push your data filtering profile.
    1. Push Config
    2. Select (enable)
      Remote Networks
      Mobile Users
    3. Push

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