Update a Data Profile on Cloud Management

Modify an existing
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
data profile for
Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
and SaaS Security on
Cloud Management
Cloud Management
, you can edit and modify an existing data profile you created on Panorama, Prisma Access (Panorama Managed), Cloud Management, and the DLP app. Any changes you make to an existing data profile from the DLP app on the hub is automatically synchronized to Panorama, Prisma Access (Panorama Managed), and Cloud Management where the data profile is supported.
If you update a data profile to include a predefined data pattern, be sure to consider the detection types used by the predefined data patterns because the detection type determines how
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
arrives at a verdict for scanned files. For example, when you create a data profile that includes three machine learning (ML)-based data patterns and seven regex-based data patterns,
Enterprise DLP
will return verdicts based on the seven regex-based patterns whenever the scanned file exceeds 1 MB.
Data profiles with EDM datasets and Data profiles with data patterns and EDM datasets can be modified from both
Cloud Management
and the DLP app on the hub.
Any changes to the data profile match criteria made on
Cloud Management
are synchronized to Panorama but don’t display in the Panorama web interface. Security policy rules using a data profile updated on
Cloud Management
inspect traffic using the new or modified match criteria.
  1. Select
    Security Services
    Data Loss Prevention
    Data Profiles
    and navigate to the data profile you want to modify.
  2. Edit ( ) the data profile.
  3. Modify the data profile as needed.
    Modifying the data profile to include an EDM data set isn’t supported if the data profile did not include an EDM data set when it was initially created.
    Modifying a data profile to only include data patterns isn’t supported if the data profile included both data patterns and EDM data sets when it was initially created.
  4. Save
    your changes.

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