View Enterprise DLP Audit Logs on Cloud Management

Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
audit logs to understand the change history for your
Enterprise DLP
Review your
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
Audit logs for a comprehensive history of the changes that occurred across your Enterprise DLP security service.
Enterprise DLP
audit logs maintain a history of when data patterns and data filtering profiles or data profiles are created, updated, or deleted.
  1. Select
    Security Services
    Data Loss Prevention
    Audit Log
  2. (
    ) Filter the audit logs as needed.
    • Enter an email in the search bar to filter the audit logs by user.
    • Add New Filter
      to filter the audit logs based on:
      • Time
        ­ Select a predefined time frame or specify a
        time frame.
      • Channel
        ­ Select a supported platform.
      • Event
        ­ Select the type of audit log event (
        , or
        ) to view.
  3. Show More
    to view additional audit log information.
    You can view additional audit log details to review what traffic match criteria was configured when the data pattern, data filtering profile, or data profile was created or to better understand what changes were made.

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