Enable Exact Data Matching (EDM) on Prisma Access (Cloud Managed)

Enable Exact Data Matching (EDM) on Prisma Access (Cloud Managed) to upload encrypted EDM datasets.
You must enable Exact Data Matching (EDM) on the DLP app on the hub to upload hash encrypted EDM datasets to the DLP cloud services to leverage in data profiles for firewalls managed by Prisma Access (Cloud Managed).
It may take up 24 to 48 hours for Palo Alto Networks to enable EDM functionality for Prisma Access (Cloud Managed).
  1. Select
    Data Loss Prevention
    Detection Methods
    Exact Data Matching
  2. Enable Exact Data Matching (EDM).
    Review and
    the EDM confirmation that your OCR enablement request was successfully submitted.
  3. Prisma Access Cloud Management displays
    Enablement Request Sent
    while your enablement request is pending.
  4. Set Up the EDM CLI Application after EDM is enabled on Prisma Access Cloud Management.
    EDM functionality is enabled when you can download the EDM CLI application and view the table where uploaded EDM datasets will be displayed.

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