Enable Optical Character Recognition on Cloud Management

Enable optical character recognition (OCR) on
Cloud Management
to scan images for sensitive information with
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
Strengthen your security posture to prevent accidental data misuse, loss, or theft by enabling optical character recognition (OCR) for
Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP)
. Enabling OCR allows the DLP cloud service to scan files with images containing sensitive information that match your
Enterprise DLP
data profiles.
The DLP cloud service supports scanning the following image file types:
  • .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff
The DLP cloud service supports scanning of images present in the following file types for OCR.
  • PDF, PPT(X), DOC(X)
OCR isn’t supported for Microsoft Visio XML drawing (.vdx) files that need to be rendered in order to displayed. For example, OCR can’t inspect a .vdx file if the XML is the drawing representation.
  1. Select
    Security Services
    Data Loss Prevention
    Detection Methods
    Optical Character Recognition
  2. Enable
    Optical Character Recognition

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