End-of-Sale (EoS) and End-of-Life (EoL) for Evident

Palo Alto Networks announced on March 24, 2020 that Evident will go EoL on December 31, 2020. Per the EoL Policy, Evident will be supported until the EoS date of July 31, 2020. Palo Alto Networks customers that are using Evident can and are encouraged to upgrade to Prisma Cloud.

Why are we retiring the Evident Product?

After an extensive evaluation, we decided to consolidate all our visibility, compliance and governance capabilities on Prisma Cloud, which is our go forward, unified platform. Over the past year, the features and capabilities that made Evident great have been integrated into Prisma Cloud. In addition, we have augmented Prisma Cloud with a wide range of organically developed new capabilities. We want ALL of our customers to be able to utilize the innovations we are delivering in Prisma Cloud.

For information on using the Evident APIs, see   http://api-docs.evident.io/.



The Evident service dashboard provides a consolidated view of risks and highlights the level of compliance across your public cloud deployment on AWS and Azure. Use the dashboard for real time visibility and continuous monitoring to detect changes as they happen.


Reports allow you to maintain continuous and automated insight and control of your cloud environments. Use reports to identify potential and existing security risks, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within your cloud environment and take steps protect your data and resources in the cloud.

Control Panel

The control panel enables you to onboard, configure, and customize the scan settings and signatures that the Evident service uses to monitor your public cloud accounts.  It also enables integrations with the services and monitoring systems such as Splunk or Jira to take speedy action.


Secure access to the Evident service with MFA and API keys, modify your account settings, and personalize your profile. The options that you can access here vary by your role.