Control Panel > Alert Suppressions

Alert Suppressions allows you to suppress an alert for a specific resource, signature or a region. This is typically done when there is a known problem for a specific resource or region and you don’t want to taint your alert data, but you want to make sure that said signature is working everywhere else.

You can suppress alerts either from this page or from Reports > View Reports.

Every alert suppression has some common elements that you can use to view a filtered list of all the alert suppressions available on the Evident service:



Work Email

The email address of the person that created the alert suppression.


When the alert suppression was last updated.


When the alert suppression was created.


Alert suppressions that have been removed.


Filers the page to list alert suppressions by the following criteria:
  • Region
  • Signature Name
  • Signature Identifier
  • Resource
  • Work Email
  • Reason
  • Only Active Suppressions.

The following options are available on this page:




Opens the New Alert Suppressions page.


Opens the New Alert Suppressions page that the details of this alert suppresion auto populated. Note: changes made to the suppression will take effect in 15 min.


Turns off the selected Alert Suppression. It will create new alerts instead of suppressed ones.

View Configuration

View the configuration of this alert suppression.