Control Panel > Azure Channel Groups

Azure Channel Groups are designed for enterprise relationships with bulk Azure Subscriptions/Accounts available for processing. They allow you to connect your multiple Azure Accounts/Subscriptions together in one channel to enhance events processing. App functions of selected Accounts/Subscriptions will use channel URL to send all data to Evident for processing.

Azure Subscriptions can be independent, or they may share resources, depending on your Azure architecture. For more information see Setup and Connect Azure Subscriptions.

The following options are available:



Create New Channel Group

Creates a new Azure Channel Group.

Add members

Add members to a specific Azure Channel Group.

Delete members

Remove members from a specific Azure Channel Group.


Removes the Azure Channel Group, after that related Azure Accounts will not receive Real-Time alerts and need to be reconfigured in order to support Real-Time updates. Scrapper updates will only be supported otherwise.

Edit Name

Edit the name of the Azure Channel Group.

Show Channel Group URL

Note: available only once after new Azure Channel Group is created, please record this URL in order to use it for function App setup.